#21 - Mark & Tamara Teeter - MS Vulnerability and falling in Love all over again

#21 - Mark & Tamara Teeter - MS Vulnerability and falling in Love all over again

Mark and Tamara Teeter are two of my favorite people. We are on the same bike team together, Team RoadKill, and Every time I see them, I feel better. Tamara is the warmest gentlest soul with the greatest laugh on earth. And Mark is a former traveling deadhead and scout master with fantastically intriguing stories and the biggest heart.

They are high school sweethearts who got a big relationship test when Tamara was diagnosed. Marriage isn’t easy to begin with. Throw in a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis and it becomes critical to find common ground, a language you can speak together in order to remain strong together. Mark and Tamara went through a tough time after diagnosis and discovered how vulnerability and speaking the truth is a necessity and a way to ease the stresses, the uncertainty, that MS brings on a daily basis.

Mark and Tamara have found a good recipe for themselves and can attest to the importance of sharing. Not only sharing struggles but the good stuff too.

As a person with MS, I don’t think you can ever underestimate the power and relief that focusing on the good stuff provides. It took a while for Tamara to fully open up about her tough symptoms and what she found was that sometimes sharing the things that scare you the most is exactly what helps you the most. As a support partner Mark was ready and willing to help, he just needed the right words to know how to do so.

Have a listen as Mark and Tamara let you know how they REALLY did it to get to where they can truthfully talk about how they are REALLY doing now.

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#20 - Team Road Kill - Fighting MS with One Simple Word - GO!

2016 Bike MS  - Over 100 riders strong

2016 Bike MS  - Over 100 riders strong

Team Road Kill is more than a MS bike team. TRK is a testament to the overall fact that people are good. Human connection and supporting the person next to you is what they are all about. 

Their motto is simply GO! They GO after living life fully, they GO! after bike riding and they GO! after finding a cure for MS. Ron Haye was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2010 when he committed himself to keep moving. Both physically and emotionally. Ron is the embodiment of GO!  As one of the founders of TRK he has helped create one of the largest bike teams in the Pacific Northwest with over 100 riders. The team has raised over $250,000 for the MS cause and they do so by putting the FUN in fundraising. 

TRK events include a casino bus, a poker night, a corn hole tournament and the big daddy of them all...BrewFest for MS. For this podcast I parked my van outside the Brickhouse Tavern in Vancouver Washington and talked to some TRK members during BrewFest. Ron Haye, his wife Terry, son Steven and two huge TRK contributors Mike Johansen and Robert Stuart.  I'm very thankful to be a part of this team and be surrounded by such amazing people. Their team motto says it all and is a reminder of what is good for all of us to do…GO!

#19 - Carol Moiso - Fighting MS and raising grandkids

Carol Moiso is a fighter!  She was diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in 1991 when she was 47 years old.  She may be in a wheelchair to get around now but that doesn't stop her from challenging herself to swim across the Columbia river or ride 10 miles during Bike MS.  She's a proud grandma with a great sense of humor and a desire to do everything possible with her grandkids.  So she fights.  Fights her MS symptoms to be the best she can be. 


Carol and I after finishing the 1 mile "I ride with MS" during the 2016 Oregon Bike MS

Carol and I after finishing the 1 mile "I ride with MS" during the 2016 Oregon Bike MS

#17 - auGi - Storytelling from a SexyNurd

auGi is how he spells his name, it's not a typo, and yes, I believe he is cool enough to not only pull off one name but spell it however he wants.

auGi is a man of many talents… Dare I say a Renaissance man. He's a musician, a comedian, a graphic artist, a writer, a performer, he’s traveled the world and he's one helluva storyteller. He has written and performed his own one-man show, called SexyNurd, about his life’s desire to be a rock star commingled with his experience with MS.  auGi doesn't have MS but his experience runs deep as his mom lived with it for 34 years and it is in her memory that he brings all his amazingly wonderful talents to the MS cause. 

auGi is the Vice President of Marketing and Events for the Oregon Chapter of the MS Society. As you’ll hear, he literally changed his career and his life’s direction because he doesn’t want others to suffer with MS like his mom did.

You can also learn more about auGi on his blog at www.stopmakingthatnoise.com (spoiler alert...you will learn auGi's last name but don't let that destroy how cool I think he is)

#16 - Leslie Regan - The Steel Curtain of Positivity

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Leslie is one of those people who you meet and walk away feeling better for doing so.  She radiates positive energy from her core.  I am a huge believer that our mindset effects and determines the course of our disease and of course our life.  When Leslie was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS 4 years ago she didn't let it stop her life or positive attitude.  Today she is in better physical shape because exercise has become such a huge part of her daily routine.  Just ask her and she'll flex for you.  She did for me and I was blown away...as I was with her exuberance for life.  She is a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and like their Steel Curtain defense, Leslie is STRONG.

#15 - Discoverycast - Coming out of the Tunnel

jim coming out.jpg

Man have I discovered a lot about myself.  Who I am and how that effects my MS on a daily basis.  Skeletons from my past along with negative self talk have NOT been helping me be the best I can be.  So I found a life coach, Angela Carey, who has helped me discover the negative pieces of me that have been toxic while exploring the good, positive pieces that I need to live a full life in the face of MS.  This is a podcast about my way of making the best of what I've got.  I believe Great Freedom comes from True Vulnerability so get ready for a ride through my mind and how it is making my MS journey beautiful.

Angela Carey is my life coach that I talk so much about in this Discoverycast.  She has literally changed my life and I can't thank her enough.  Check her out at www.yourpowercenter.com

#3 Nora - Incredible sense of humor and zest for life is a great way to battle MS!

Nora has had MS for just about a year yet she enlightens me to a new way of looking at things through her incredible sense of humor and age-defying outlook. On June 16th, 2013, at the age of 26, Nora was diagnosed with acute sudden onset of tumefactive multiple sclerosis and lost the the use of her left side over the course of a day and a half.  She spent 6 weeks in the hospital working hard to regain function and come to terms with this new way of life.  During that time she wrote a blog which is an honest, well written chronicle of her MS journey.  I suggest everyone with MS, heck everyone period, read this (msnorakb.tumblr.com) because Nora's amazing perspective can teach us all a thing or two.  

#13 - Andrea Kofoed pt 1 - Energy, People and Laughter

Andrea POR 2014 Walk 2.jpeg

Andrea is the Manager of Walk MS for the Oregon Chapter of the MS Society.  She has so much energy that I wish I could bottle it and hand it out as a cure for MS fatigue.  She is also that person who stands out in a crowd because of her laughter.  Andrea doesn't have MS...she has a passion for helping people with MS.  She is also an extrovert and LOVES being around people, has a great perspective on how she relates to people with MS and passes on information about the MS Society that you may not know.  And oh yeah, she knows a lot about Walk MS and must have a budding desire to have her own podcast because she takes over and interviews ME.

#12 - Lindsey Hendershot pt 2 - more Be You

Lindsey shares more "Lindseyisms" on blaming MS and joking about MS...watch out if she ever gets a cane!!! Lindsey wants the world to know how important it is to love yourself and the benefits you can find by doing so.  She is also excited to talk to the world so you can get ahold of her a couple different ways... 

Email - Lrhrasta@hotmail.com

Instagram - @lindzshot

Facebook - Lindsey R Hendershot

#11 - Lindsey Hendershot - Be You

Lindsey Hendershot lives by a motto...Be You.  This creed is tattooed on the palm of her hand and man does she live up to it.  She talks about loving yourself and your disease becaue you need to protect the thing most important...YOU.    She LOVES all of her and  talks about finding the silver lining in life by boiling down the bad things to be able to find gratitude an ANY situation.  Feed your body some good vibes instead of hate and bitterness. Lindsey has great ways of dealing with everyday situations and a positive outlook, and attitude, about life with MS.

Wanna get more of Lindsey's positivity...she is on social media and welcomes anyone to contact her.

Email - Lrhrasta@hotmail.com

Instagram - @lindzshot

Facebook - Lindsey R Hendershot

#10 - Ryan Thompson Pt 2 - Character and Dating


Strength comes in many forms and Ryan Thompson has one of most important… Strength of Character.  He is dealing with his MS daily while finding ways to help others with MS. This takes strength. In part two of our conversation we talk about Ryan's nonprofit organization (Endless Pursuit), Dating and even touched on sex with MS. Ryan was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS when he was 18 years old. He is now 26 and some of his symptoms are neuropathy (senative skin), hot/cold sensations, foot drop, gate/balance, lassitude (chronic fatique), and muscles spasms.

Check out Ryan's nonprofit organization at www.endlesspursuit.org

#9 - Ryan Thompson Pt 1 - Putting A Face To MS

Ryan Thompson does a lot...he has a lot going on in his life with business and personal pursuits and he deals with MS...a lot.  Besides starting a new business, getting his degree, co-leading a support group and running a nonprofit, Ryan has many symptoms that his relapsing remitting MS doles out that he continually tries to overcome so he can hike and stay active.  Whew...that IS a lot!  When I see Ryan once a month at our MS group I am always amazed at everything he does but I didn't REALLY know what he deals with on a daily basis until we sat and talked for a while.  We have the same disease yet we deal with so many different symptoms.  We are both ambitious yet I still learn from how Ryan overcomes his obstacles through will, choice and faith.  We both want to help people and THAT shines through no matter what differences our disease delivers.  Another thing we have in common is we like to laugh at/with our MS.  Ryan and his friends have put a face to this laughter and named it Margaret Swanson...get it...MS!

Check out Ryan's passion at www.endlesspursuit.org

#8 - Luanna - Do You Ever Wake Up Feeling "Crappy"?

Luanna was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2011 when she was 37.  She is a full time high school math teacher and mother of 3.  Luanna is very good at figuring out how she is REALLY doin' and says it’s important to look at your overall picture and take stock of what you have NOW, enjoying what you can do TODAY…appreciate yourself.  It’s hard to do all the time but take it easy on yourself and try to accept where you are.  Yesterday is history, Tomorrow’s a mystery and today is a gift…that’s why they call it the Present.  


#7 - Lee - Take Care of Yourself

Lee was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in July of 2013.  She is in the process of tackling the gauntlet of issues that come with an MS diagnisis and shares great insight into the how's and why's behind some of her dicisions.  From keeping her career going to making huge changes with her eating habits, Lee does her research and is figuring out what works best for her.  She has a huge heart and is doing what she can to be the best she can be because in her words "this is my life and it is mine to mold and  develop".  You go girl! 

#6 - Ron & Teresa Haye - Positive Energy at Work

Ron & Teresa Haye inspire me. Ron was diagnosed with MS about four years ago and together with his wife Teresa is not only surviving but thriving in many ways.  Ron discusses his diagnosis and what he has done to keep his body moving. They are members of Team Road Kill, an amazing group of energized people who bring passion to not only the MS bike ride but for support of their fellow man! Finding a silver lining in multiple sclerosis seems impossible sometimes but Ron and Teresa explain some of their secrets for doing the best they can.

#5 - Bill Victor - Personal Trainer Extraordinaire

A year ago I was going through a MS exacerbation that was kicking my butt.  I had to stop working and driving.  Enter Bill Victor and a journey to getting stronger.  It hasn't been easy (when is working out EVER easy...?) but with Bill's functional training help I can now make it through my day safer and stronger.  

Check him out at www.victor-fitness.com