#15 - Discoverycast - Coming out of the Tunnel

jim coming out.jpg

Man have I discovered a lot about myself.  Who I am and how that effects my MS on a daily basis.  Skeletons from my past along with negative self talk have NOT been helping me be the best I can be.  So I found a life coach, Angela Carey, who has helped me discover the negative pieces of me that have been toxic while exploring the good, positive pieces that I need to live a full life in the face of MS.  This is a podcast about my way of making the best of what I've got.  I believe Great Freedom comes from True Vulnerability so get ready for a ride through my mind and how it is making my MS journey beautiful.

Angela Carey is my life coach that I talk so much about in this Discoverycast.  She has literally changed my life and I can't thank her enough.  Check her out at www.yourpowercenter.com