#11 - Lindsey Hendershot - Be You

Lindsey Hendershot lives by a motto...Be You.  This creed is tattooed on the palm of her hand and man does she live up to it.  She talks about loving yourself and your disease becaue you need to protect the thing most important...YOU.    She LOVES all of her and  talks about finding the silver lining in life by boiling down the bad things to be able to find gratitude an ANY situation.  Feed your body some good vibes instead of hate and bitterness. Lindsey has great ways of dealing with everyday situations and a positive outlook, and attitude, about life with MS.

Wanna get more of Lindsey's positivity...she is on social media and welcomes anyone to contact her.

Email - Lrhrasta@hotmail.com

Instagram - @lindzshot

Facebook - Lindsey R Hendershot