#9 - Ryan Thompson Pt 1 - Putting A Face To MS

Ryan Thompson does a lot...he has a lot going on in his life with business and personal pursuits and he deals with MS...a lot.  Besides starting a new business, getting his degree, co-leading a support group and running a nonprofit, Ryan has many symptoms that his relapsing remitting MS doles out that he continually tries to overcome so he can hike and stay active.  Whew...that IS a lot!  When I see Ryan once a month at our MS group I am always amazed at everything he does but I didn't REALLY know what he deals with on a daily basis until we sat and talked for a while.  We have the same disease yet we deal with so many different symptoms.  We are both ambitious yet I still learn from how Ryan overcomes his obstacles through will, choice and faith.  We both want to help people and THAT shines through no matter what differences our disease delivers.  Another thing we have in common is we like to laugh at/with our MS.  Ryan and his friends have put a face to this laughter and named it Margaret Swanson...get it...MS!

Check out Ryan's passion at www.endlesspursuit.org