#21 - Mark & Tamara Teeter - MS Vulnerability and falling in Love all over again

Teeter finish line.jpg

Mark and Tamara Teeter are two of my favorite people. We are on the same bike team together, Team RoadKill, and Every time I see them, I feel better. Tamara is the warmest gentlest soul with the greatest laugh on earth. And Mark is a former traveling deadhead and scout master with fantastically intriguing stories and the biggest heart.

They are high school sweethearts who got a big relationship test when Tamara was diagnosed. Marriage isn’t easy to begin with. Throw in a chronic illness like Multiple Sclerosis and it becomes critical to find common ground, a language you can speak together in order to remain strong together. Mark and Tamara went through a tough time after diagnosis and discovered how vulnerability and speaking the truth is a necessity and a way to ease the stresses, the uncertainty, that MS brings on a daily basis.

As a person with MS, I don’t think you can ever underestimate the power and relief that focusing on the good stuff provides. It took a while for Tamara to fully open up about her tough symptoms and what she found was that sometimes sharing the things that scare you the most is exactly what helps you the most. As a support partner Mark was ready and willing to help, he just needed the right words to know how to do so.

Have a listen as Mark and Tamara let you know how they REALLY did it to get to where they can truthfully talk about how they are REALLY doing now.